San Francisco Fantasy of Light Christmas!

Last Saturday, I went to see the "famous" Tree Lighting event in San Francisco. It's called the Fantasy of Light. There's literally gazillion people there... parking was hell. We had to drive around for 1 1/2 hour to just find a parking spot. The lot was full, so we had to search and search... but fortunately, after all that wondering here and there, this car left the lot & all of the cars zoomed in. LOL, what a war. Anyways, yeah SF was a lot of fun. Parking's a deuche though. Especially during this time of the year.

Went to Macy's, the women section- especially the footwear section feels like a "supermarket" no kidding. Shoes here and there, sandals on the floor. Ladies ladies ladies... chill. lol Well yeah, had to buy a new sandal coz unfortunately, my puppy chewed up the last of my sandals collection. What a waste. :O

To hear more about this: San Francisco Christmas event.

Here's my pictures for the blog! Not going to post like crazy, it'll kill the load time & bandwidth. LOL.

Look at that beauty.

on the side.

The Christmas Tree with me.

The Christmas Tree without me!

I'm telling you! It looks like a supermarket... rich supermarket.

Don't laugh. It's the electricity Hogwarts wand....

The kimonos girl! :) They promote good luck, as I have been told.

Guess what I bought? Hmm... I'm still in the making of my new post for the "shopping list."
Of course I bought something! :)


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