What is SPOTIFY? Free and Instant Invitation?

Spotify is a UK music program that lets you share music with virtually any computers/devices! It has now finally arrived in US! So excited!! Unfortunately, this is by invitation only (again, like Google+). So, this is exclusive. On their homepage, you are asked for your email address-- that is an invitation given directly from Spotify. I don't know how long it'll take until they send out mass invitations. I was caught in between the invitations from Coke or Klout. Okay, enough about the invitations. Let's dig in to what Spotify is about! In the end of this post, I'll post the link to where you can get an invitation INSTANTLY. Yep! You got that right! No need to wait! :)

Oh, if you think a hack will get you in to Spotify, there's a hack for that too. I don't know if it still works. Here's the link! If you like a challenge, and think this is your best way of redeeming yourself, click on the link.

Here's the link to SPOTIFY homepage: link

 So, you've got your iPhone/Android or whatever smartphones. At home, you've got more than 30Gb worth of music (Oh, dear Lord!) What can you do? Not enough space for other stuff like pictures/videos if you're going to fit all of your music :( 

Here comes Spotify to save the day! 
You can search for music to listen to (like Pandora/GoogleMusicBeta), or listen directly from your beloved computer (via streaming)
*Note: this is so bad for your bandwidth if you do not have unlimited data. Use WiFi-- it's best for $$ wise.
Click here to see if your phone qualifies: https://www.spotify.com/us/mobile/overview/

You can always pay for Premium. It gives you access to OFFLINE mode. 
What does that mean? You can stream your music OFFLINE. Yeah... it's a given. 

So you want to know more about this Spotify?
Interesting enough... here's the link: click.

I got this comparison chart from Mashable. It's pretty comprehensive to your knowledge.

 Click to Enlarge

Okay, so I promised you an instant invitation to Spotify. Here it comes....
Here's the invitation link: link
You can go on Twitter to see which artists/tweeters have extra (yet limited) invitations (usually with hastags #SPOTIFY). So far I've seen Justin Bieber/Justin Derulo offered them. Note: You have to literally go on a searching spree on Twitter. 


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