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Original Post on 1/8/2011  

Do you guys know that there are lots of...

Cute Japanese & Korean iPhone/iPod/iPad apps? 
(Asian-programmed app -- I'm not saying US made apps are not cute...)

Sadly, not many people are able to find them in the midst of the hundreds and thousands of apps on iTunes added daily. 
I am the queen of finding cute apps (self-proclaiming, lol)! 
Fear not, I will try to find them and let you know if they're worth it to buy/download. 

Some are free (for limited time) or free (permanently); Otherwise, you can always purchase them from the iTunes app store.

Please support these programmers; these apps are not easy to make. These people invest their time and money to create the apps for all to use. Any questions in regards to the apps, please direct them to the developer. Also, please see the compatibilities before you download; some may not be compatible with all versions of iPod/iPhones. 
Note: Most of these apps should be downloaded to iOS devices that are 3.1+ or 4.0+.

Click on the title of each app to be directed straight into iTunes App Store site. 
*This list does not reflect in the order of my interest.
I also apologize if there are any info that were not updated. I haven't updated this blog entry in almost half a year. I am not endorsed by any of these developers to publish this entry; it is solely based on my interest.



What it does:
It's like Purikura, Puricute-- the app adds glitter, cute decals into your picture to add a touch of "cuteness."

What I think:
It's a cute idea, but I can find better. Nonetheless, this app is free. It doesn't hurt to try. Some apps might suit you, and others do not. I do not find this app suitable to me. Let me know how you like it-- that is, if you decide to download and try.


What it does:
This app is probably, by far, my most cherished app. I love this app. It contains 8 different camera and 8 different film types embedded within an app: Basic, Snap, Panorama, Fantasy, Motion 2x2, Motion x4, Fisheye, Motion x2; Basic, Vintage Brown, Vintage Blue, Vignetting, Dazzle, Mono, Noir, Vivid.

What I think:
I love it. The only downside to this is that this app is in Korean-- literally. You've got to guess your tapping skills to see which is which-- I'm kidding. This app is kind of a no-brainer; there are icons on the top of every Korean writings to let you know if you click on an "email" icon, you'll be directed to an email app to send, and so on. The photo effects are amazing! Not bad for a free app.

 You just basically need to know the three last icons from the left.
The twitter/facebook icon, email icon, and the delete one-- yay!



What it does:
Megu is a pet-raising game. You feed and interact with your Megu (the pet) daily; as you gain money (and level up), you can buy better food, furniture, and a bigger house for your Megu. The pets' physical look changes as you level up (some cute, and some not so very cute). Not to mention, you can interact with others' pets via Twitter/Search. Add me at Konayukiss - Username via Search! You can smack/pat my pet :)

What I think:
Have you ever played TAMAGOTCHI? It's exactly like it-- well, without the annoying noises telling you that your pet is hungry/thirsty/near dying... Megu took it to the next level, modernized it, and brought it to U.S. from Japan! I really like it. It's so cute! --Update July 16, 2011-- They added "Ball Toss" to play ball with your Megu! 



What it does:
You hold the medium fat cat on the top of the screen and drop him into the screen to bounce around like a jelly to get sushi. The goal is to make him as FAT as possible so he can save his baby girl from an evil dog. 

What I think:
This game is SO adorable. Yet again, what's not to love! This game is offered by Armor Games. I was addicted to this game for so long-- and I even waited for the sequel to come out. I find the game to be very entertaining-- especially if you want to kill time. This game is currently .99¢ on iTunes; sometimes, Sushi Cat is offered free for your iPhone/iPod-- catch it when you see it. You can also play this game on PC/Mac via link. Let me know how you like it.  





What it does:
It's a picture decorator app. It's in Korean (sorry!), but it's so cute! 
Here's a preview: link. Again, this app is "somewhat" easy to understand (even if you don't understand Korean-- neither do I). Here's what it looks like from my end:

You see the tabs on the bottom? 
(from left to right) Home, Frames, Decals, Add Text, Save as...
What I think:
This is a really cute app. If you love adding cute stuff to your picture (mostly girls heheh), then this app is definitely for you. I know the writings are in Korean, but if you go to Purikura/Puricue, they're all in Japanese! Don't let it stop you from getting this app! :) Definitely a keeper.

Tiny Towers


What it does:
Your goal is to create as many of those jobs available to these 8-bit characters. As you decide, you can choose which category to build from: Recreation, Food, Service, Retail, Creative. Each of these categories have "jobs"; for example, you chose Food-- Sushi/Sky Burger/Diner/etc will pop randomly. You want to create apartments for people to live; once they arrive, you find out what their stats are like, and see if you can give them their dream job. YES, it's in 8-bit, which makes it even better and cuter!

What I think:
I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS GAME. Not to mention, it was also chosen for the App Games of the Week. Trust me, it's worth it. It's a 5-star game! Don't worry about those people who rated it a one-star; they don't see eye-to-eye with the rest of the app users (kidding). If you want a time-killer, this game is for you. Want something cute? This app is for you. NO 3G/WiFi needed to play the game-- even better! Add me: konayuki28, if you want to see my building! 
(No, this app is not Japanese/Korean/Chinese-- as it is claimed by my title)



What it does:
You try to pop these cute creatures; make sure they're in 3s+. The more you pop, the better the chance for you to gain the stars-- because you have a goal. Your goal is to gain 100+ stars; it increases at every level. Go faster! Or you can use the powerups to make your game even better! 
(No, this app is not Japanese/Korean/Chinese-- as it is claimed by my title)

What I think:
This game is definitely addicting. Oh, when you pop them, you get star points, and they even make cute/strange/funny sounds. Anyways, I got this app for free when they did the promotion freebie with FreeAppsADay. I don't know if they'll be doing another promotion anytime soon, but in the mean time... go download it!

The Rainy Day


What it does:
This app is about a guy who supposedly left his umbrella at home because he heard that it was going to be sunny. Apparently, it started to rain. Your goal is to get him home safely without being "too" drenched; you have a water gauge. Make sure you get him away from obstacles that will jeopardize his "safety."  You need to get away from boxes, cans, and thunder. You want to save the lost cats and dogs. Also, try to get coffee, umbrella, ufo hat, etc... to decrease/help/protect your water gauge.

What I think:
I think this game has potential. It's really adorable; the art is well drawn. I gave it a 4.5 star :) It's pretty fun... though the game ended fairly quickly. 

The Rainy Day 2

Free | A sequel to the one above.


What it does:
This game is a sequel to the first one-- above-- but better. Notice the controls? It's more defined. Instead of saving the cats and dogs while you walk/run/sprint, you will need to grab posters on the wall, get the cat/dog, and direct them to the animal clinic. 

What I think:
In my opinion, I think this game is being "more" realistic as compared to the first one. I like how the buttons are more defined too. Definitely better-- worth the download.

美图秀秀 (Měi tú xiù xiù)


-------------------- Announcement:

Want to see more on my list of what to download on iTunes?
More cute/adorable apps to download? 

I'll be updating this page every once in a while. 
If I find cute/kawaii apps, I'll definitely post them here! 
Make sure you check back! Or subscribe via Google by clicking here:  

--- Updated May 19th #1st iVlog: myDog Note app!

If you have any questions, comments, or requests-- definitely let me know! 


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! i wish they had these for android. maybe ill sneak some on my brother's itouch...:)

Cindii said...

Snowboarding! I hope we don't hurt ourselves too much. >3< Also I love the Smilecat app it's so cute.

Haha, nap fail. So what are you doing now? Taking another nap?

*~kAy~* said...

nice! do you snowboard often? gawsh my sister would love to do that! :P
cute apps! :p what's the korean app do? :P I don't get it :P

konayukiss said...

@*~kAy~*: the korean apps (number 3&10) are like camera cue pictures/ purikura, the japanese cutesy picture decorations :) It's in korean, but it should be self-explanatory if you want to delete/send to twitter/decorate ^^

@iomoo: haha i think some of them are compatible with androids :p I'm not too sure.. hehe

@cindii: yikes :p

konayukiss said...

Updated the list on 7/18! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow thank youuu :)

aiveee said...

do u know any awesome apps similar to these for macbooks/imacs? :)

btw u might be interested in CanimalsDiary, its a super cute app XD

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the list! :) hope to see more soon!

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks so much! I downloaded most of your choices, can't wait to try em' out! ^-^

konayukiss said...

No problem! :) It's glad to know there are so many of you who are interested! I am planning to add a big update of kawaii app list to this post! Stay tuned on November 2012!

For app developers who want to contribute, please contact me via links on the right sidebar - under author blurb.

cheka said...

thank you so much for the information. I'm currently still downloading the applications but I think I'm really going to love them!
God bless~! ^^ <3

Ann said...

Are these apps only for iPhones and iTouch? I have AT&T's Samsung Infuse, would I be able to download these apps onto it ? O:

konayukiss said...

@Ann: Most of these are for iOS (iPhone/iPods/iPads). I'm not quite sure about other phones: WPs or Androids. I can try to find out which is capable, but as far as I know they're only for iOS. Sorry! :)
@Cheka: Thank you! :)) GBU too!

Anonymous said...

do you have instragram? I saw some people edit in instagram with Korea/japanese apps (Kawaii style), but no one can or want to tell which apps they used to :(

konayukiss said...

Hi anon, check out my other kawaii/cute app list: http://t.co/6Gusw4bo

I post a list of all the major kawaii/picture decor you might want to check out! :) have fun!

leprincessuu said...

omg i love this! this is so helpful. im getting an itouch soon for christmas/my bday on new years~
but i was wondering is your ipod/itouch jailbroken?
and would u recommend it? :O
thanks~ c:

Olivia said...

wow!i was shocked when i read your bio, you was born in Indonesia. I'm from Indonesia too,hehe. By the way is that korean photo apps really easy to use because it seems full in hangul (korean languange)

Anonymous said...

Youu should of included PriPri MARRON ! It's a really kawaii app that's a bit like 사진꾸미기 -스마일캣 포스트카드 or Purikura but it contains glitter, speech and thought bubbles, 8 bits and loads of other stuff .You should try it ^.^ さようならも!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! These apps are adorable and fun!

mithun said...

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Dream Talk Recorder said...

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Anonymous said...

O: Thanks for the list! I just found this page randomly when Googling for "cute apps" lol. :P
Although... you explain, "stay tuned for November 2012" ??? that is EXTREMELY far off! o.o

navaneedh said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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konayukiss said...

@anon feb 14: sorry! I meant Nov 2011. Never mind my comment earlier :) haha.
@to all: thank you for your comments! I will make more soon!

Anonymous said...

Is "스마일포토 모바일" only for iPhone? :/

konayukiss said...

@Anonymous: Yes, unfortunately.

News update:
There is a new post on Kawaii/Cute iPhone/iPod/iPad apps here (Part II):

judy :) said...

"스마일포토 모바일"
there's an english version :)
it's called: Smile Photo
hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I found tons of apps I want to download from this list, great reviews on them, thanks so much !! so helpful :)

Michael said...

Personalized app for iphone that are available,which depends upon in which country it is being manufactured.

Anonymous said...

i love this website x3

Silvia said...

Hi everybody, I would like to recommend you my iPhone app which is also available in Korean language: http://haikimmi.com/ko/ :) It is a cute little character who answers your questions. Hope you like it ❤

KawaiiNibbyBall18 said...

Too bad half of the apps don't work on my ipodtouch2rd generation & I can't wait until i get a ipod touch 4 :)

トリー バーチ(tory burch) said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Love your blog! Do you have PriPri Marron and DecoPetit? Can someone explain why they stopped working this week when I updated my iPod Touch from iOS 5 to iOS 6?

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von lockerwood said...

You missed a good app called Super Kawaii Mai. Check out it's review here.

Anonymous said...

Great list you have here!
Do try this game too.. 'Panda Love'. Absolutely cute! :D


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Korean Wallpaper said...

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Anonymous said...

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