^ I really like this poster :)

          If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're partially bored or an avid reader of blogs (who knows)! It might also be that you're procrastinating from writing your essay(s), studying for midterm(s), or just plain procrastinating on a daily basis. I feel pity for you! I'm kidding.

          I love procrastinating; it's what I actually do best! No, really! When I'm bored and procrastinating, I find these uber cool sites to visit. It's ridiculous how many great sites out there helping you do your best deed! It's no wonder many people these days just can't get their work done in time!
          Hah... I bet most of you don't read these anyways... no harm feelings intended.
If you're ready, continue reading and you'll find out. I've compiled my most cherished websites here. I know there are more out there-- failblog, facebook, damnyouautocorrect

I've got to warn you. 
This post is extremely time-consuming.
Here's a Teaser from the Top 20!

Funny, amusing, cute, beautiful, weird, food, interesting.

1. 9gag.com
Funny, amusing, rate-based site, miscellaneous.

2. foodgawker.com
Food, recipes, beautiful food photographs.

3. tumblr.com
Funny, amusing, rate-based site, miscellaneous.

Why Look So Tired?

From left to right: H2O Sea Result SPF line resolution cream SPF 30, H20 Makeup remover, Garnier Skin Renewal, L'OREAL Skin Genesis Pore Minimizing, H2O Spa Hand & Nail Cream.

You know it's one of those days. When you stayed up so late the day before, and you just feel like a dead zombie walking the morning after. What are those "dark circles" under your eyes? It's puffy, dark, and it made you look like a panda. But then again, I think pandas are cute, who knows *shrug*. You might even look cute with the black eye @_@

Do you know that when you sleep less than 7-8 hrs a day, you're killing not only your brain cells, but your skin cells? I think you guys should know that by now. A lack of sleep or excessive tiredness can cause paleness of the skin, allowing the blood underneath the skin to become more visible and appear bluer or darker around the eyes (in most cases). Not only that, it gives your skin a lack of energy to regenerate itself to fight bacterias-- creating more pimples, breakout, even lines (yikes!). So, don't do it if you don't necessarily have to. Unless you want to look like an ogre witch.

So, for those of you who want to quickly regenerate the look of your skin-- try this. It might not be a comprehensive "technique," but it sure is a quickie one. I'll walk you through some "quickie steps" for the night when you KNOW you'll be awake until 4 or 5, maybe even until 7am. Oh Gee. 
*Note: Don't kill me if it doesn't work. It works for many, you might be able to benefit when you try.
*These reviews are solely based on my opinions-- no incentives. 

What is SPOTIFY? Free and Instant Invitation?

Spotify is a UK music program that lets you share music with virtually any computers/devices! It has now finally arrived in US! So excited!! Unfortunately, this is by invitation only (again, like Google+). So, this is exclusive. On their homepage, you are asked for your email address-- that is an invitation given directly from Spotify. I don't know how long it'll take until they send out mass invitations. I was caught in between the invitations from Coke or Klout. Okay, enough about the invitations. Let's dig in to what Spotify is about! In the end of this post, I'll post the link to where you can get an invitation INSTANTLY. Yep! You got that right! No need to wait! :)

Oh, if you think a hack will get you in to Spotify, there's a hack for that too. I don't know if it still works. Here's the link! If you like a challenge, and think this is your best way of redeeming yourself, click on the link.

Here's the link to SPOTIFY homepage: link

 So, you've got your iPhone/Android or whatever smartphones. At home, you've got more than 30Gb worth of music (Oh, dear Lord!) What can you do? Not enough space for other stuff like pictures/videos if you're going to fit all of your music :( 

Here comes Spotify to save the day! 
You can search for music to listen to (like Pandora/GoogleMusicBeta), or listen directly from your beloved computer (via streaming)
*Note: this is so bad for your bandwidth if you do not have unlimited data. Use WiFi-- it's best for $$ wise.
Click here to see if your phone qualifies: https://www.spotify.com/us/mobile/overview/

You can always pay for Premium. It gives you access to OFFLINE mode. 
What does that mean? You can stream your music OFFLINE. Yeah... it's a given. 

So you want to know more about this Spotify?
Interesting enough... here's the link: click.

I got this comparison chart from Mashable. It's pretty comprehensive to your knowledge.

 Click to Enlarge

Okay, so I promised you an instant invitation to Spotify. Here it comes....
Here's the invitation link: link
You can go on Twitter to see which artists/tweeters have extra (yet limited) invitations (usually with hastags #SPOTIFY). So far I've seen Justin Bieber/Justin Derulo offered them. Note: You have to literally go on a searching spree on Twitter. 

Heard of Google+?


Recently, Google+ has been the talk of town lately. It's the new "trend"; the new "Facebook." It now has over 10 million users--- believe it or not, based on invitations and words-of-mouth alone!
I like it. The interface is rather simple and clean. I also heard that Google is trying to monopolize the entire Internet... I don't know about that. Anyways, Google+ is almost like Facebook & Twitter interface-- it's very similar.
Here's a good way to put it:

"Google+ is like Facebook having sex with Twitter before they knew they were related." - Dane Cook

This is what it looks like INSIDE:

A couple of things I need to break down. I don't like how it doesn't have a wall. Technically, it's just like Twitter. You post via status and speak your heart out. Make it into DM (Direct Message) or a Tweet. If you want to post something up on G+, you can choose who can see and can't see the album/status/etc. You can put people on a lists of "circle." Not bad... 

Here's the cheat sheet for Google+
These are very important to your basic functions of Google+

Need an invite for free? 
Email me by clicking here: link (no spam)
Add me to your circles: http://gplus.to/gfnu

So far, this is a good depiction of Google+
Literally lonely. 

Now, you can get an iPhone app! iTunes store approved G+!
*Not yet for iPod Touch (I heard)

One downside for this app. I find it very very slow to load the Stream, compared to loading G+ page on Safari. It needs a couple of kinks. But again, what more can I say... it's working! Oh, if you search on iTunes App for Google+ on your iPhone, for some bizarre reason, you can't find it! So here's the  direct link to Google+ on iTunes store! LINK

You want to look COOL and have a SHORT URL for yourself?
You get your OWN URL short and tiny: http://gplus.to/gfnu 
instead of this long ugly link: https://plus.google.com/113426622658695287669
(gfnu shortened of my full name) so you can make it into whatever you want.
 Want to know more about Google+ on Facebook? link
-- There's also a hangout "circle" @Google+ : http://gphangouts.com/
It's basically a hangout-- with people you don't know. Get a chance to meet up and know them based on the same interests. It's pretty cool! :) 

That's all folks! 

-- New update Draw Something App (Ad-Free Version) Giveaway 8/17/2012 --
Click here

-- New Update on Kawaii/Cute iPhone apps (Games) 3/25/2012 --
Click here

-- New update on Kawaii/Cute iPhone apps (Photo Editing) 11/15/2011 --
Click here

Stay tuned for the big update list of kawaii apps!

-- Updated August 17, 2012 -- 
-- Updated March 25, 2012 -- 
-- Updated November 15, 2011 -- 
-- Updated July 18, 2011 --
Original Post on 1/8/2011  

Do you guys know that there are lots of...

Cute Japanese & Korean iPhone/iPod/iPad apps? 
(Asian-programmed app -- I'm not saying US made apps are not cute...)

Sadly, not many people are able to find them in the midst of the hundreds and thousands of apps on iTunes added daily. 
I am the queen of finding cute apps (self-proclaiming, lol)! 
Fear not, I will try to find them and let you know if they're worth it to buy/download. 

Some are free (for limited time) or free (permanently); Otherwise, you can always purchase them from the iTunes app store.

Please support these programmers; these apps are not easy to make. These people invest their time and money to create the apps for all to use. Any questions in regards to the apps, please direct them to the developer. Also, please see the compatibilities before you download; some may not be compatible with all versions of iPod/iPhones. 
Note: Most of these apps should be downloaded to iOS devices that are 3.1+ or 4.0+.

Click on the title of each app to be directed straight into iTunes App Store site. 
*This list does not reflect in the order of my interest.
I also apologize if there are any info that were not updated. I haven't updated this blog entry in almost half a year. I am not endorsed by any of these developers to publish this entry; it is solely based on my interest.



What it does:
It's like Purikura, Puricute-- the app adds glitter, cute decals into your picture to add a touch of "cuteness."

What I think:
It's a cute idea, but I can find better. Nonetheless, this app is free. It doesn't hurt to try. Some apps might suit you, and others do not. I do not find this app suitable to me. Let me know how you like it-- that is, if you decide to download and try.


What it does:
This app is probably, by far, my most cherished app. I love this app. It contains 8 different camera and 8 different film types embedded within an app: Basic, Snap, Panorama, Fantasy, Motion 2x2, Motion x4, Fisheye, Motion x2; Basic, Vintage Brown, Vintage Blue, Vignetting, Dazzle, Mono, Noir, Vivid.

What I think:
I love it. The only downside to this is that this app is in Korean-- literally. You've got to guess your tapping skills to see which is which-- I'm kidding. This app is kind of a no-brainer; there are icons on the top of every Korean writings to let you know if you click on an "email" icon, you'll be directed to an email app to send, and so on. The photo effects are amazing! Not bad for a free app.

 You just basically need to know the three last icons from the left.
The twitter/facebook icon, email icon, and the delete one-- yay!



What it does:
Megu is a pet-raising game. You feed and interact with your Megu (the pet) daily; as you gain money (and level up), you can buy better food, furniture, and a bigger house for your Megu. The pets' physical look changes as you level up (some cute, and some not so very cute). Not to mention, you can interact with others' pets via Twitter/Search. Add me at Konayukiss - Username via Search! You can smack/pat my pet :)

What I think:
Have you ever played TAMAGOTCHI? It's exactly like it-- well, without the annoying noises telling you that your pet is hungry/thirsty/near dying... Megu took it to the next level, modernized it, and brought it to U.S. from Japan! I really like it. It's so cute! --Update July 16, 2011-- They added "Ball Toss" to play ball with your Megu! 



What it does:
You hold the medium fat cat on the top of the screen and drop him into the screen to bounce around like a jelly to get sushi. The goal is to make him as FAT as possible so he can save his baby girl from an evil dog. 

What I think:
This game is SO adorable. Yet again, what's not to love! This game is offered by Armor Games. I was addicted to this game for so long-- and I even waited for the sequel to come out. I find the game to be very entertaining-- especially if you want to kill time. This game is currently .99¢ on iTunes; sometimes, Sushi Cat is offered free for your iPhone/iPod-- catch it when you see it. You can also play this game on PC/Mac via link. Let me know how you like it.  





What it does:
It's a picture decorator app. It's in Korean (sorry!), but it's so cute! 
Here's a preview: link. Again, this app is "somewhat" easy to understand (even if you don't understand Korean-- neither do I). Here's what it looks like from my end:

You see the tabs on the bottom? 
(from left to right) Home, Frames, Decals, Add Text, Save as...
What I think:
This is a really cute app. If you love adding cute stuff to your picture (mostly girls heheh), then this app is definitely for you. I know the writings are in Korean, but if you go to Purikura/Puricue, they're all in Japanese! Don't let it stop you from getting this app! :) Definitely a keeper.

Tiny Towers


What it does:
Your goal is to create as many of those jobs available to these 8-bit characters. As you decide, you can choose which category to build from: Recreation, Food, Service, Retail, Creative. Each of these categories have "jobs"; for example, you chose Food-- Sushi/Sky Burger/Diner/etc will pop randomly. You want to create apartments for people to live; once they arrive, you find out what their stats are like, and see if you can give them their dream job. YES, it's in 8-bit, which makes it even better and cuter!

What I think:
I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS GAME. Not to mention, it was also chosen for the App Games of the Week. Trust me, it's worth it. It's a 5-star game! Don't worry about those people who rated it a one-star; they don't see eye-to-eye with the rest of the app users (kidding). If you want a time-killer, this game is for you. Want something cute? This app is for you. NO 3G/WiFi needed to play the game-- even better! Add me: konayuki28, if you want to see my building! 
(No, this app is not Japanese/Korean/Chinese-- as it is claimed by my title)



What it does:
You try to pop these cute creatures; make sure they're in 3s+. The more you pop, the better the chance for you to gain the stars-- because you have a goal. Your goal is to gain 100+ stars; it increases at every level. Go faster! Or you can use the powerups to make your game even better! 
(No, this app is not Japanese/Korean/Chinese-- as it is claimed by my title)

What I think:
This game is definitely addicting. Oh, when you pop them, you get star points, and they even make cute/strange/funny sounds. Anyways, I got this app for free when they did the promotion freebie with FreeAppsADay. I don't know if they'll be doing another promotion anytime soon, but in the mean time... go download it!

The Rainy Day


What it does:
This app is about a guy who supposedly left his umbrella at home because he heard that it was going to be sunny. Apparently, it started to rain. Your goal is to get him home safely without being "too" drenched; you have a water gauge. Make sure you get him away from obstacles that will jeopardize his "safety."  You need to get away from boxes, cans, and thunder. You want to save the lost cats and dogs. Also, try to get coffee, umbrella, ufo hat, etc... to decrease/help/protect your water gauge.

What I think:
I think this game has potential. It's really adorable; the art is well drawn. I gave it a 4.5 star :) It's pretty fun... though the game ended fairly quickly. 

The Rainy Day 2

Free | A sequel to the one above.


What it does:
This game is a sequel to the first one-- above-- but better. Notice the controls? It's more defined. Instead of saving the cats and dogs while you walk/run/sprint, you will need to grab posters on the wall, get the cat/dog, and direct them to the animal clinic. 

What I think:
In my opinion, I think this game is being "more" realistic as compared to the first one. I like how the buttons are more defined too. Definitely better-- worth the download.

美图秀秀 (Měi tú xiù xiù)


-------------------- Announcement:

Want to see more on my list of what to download on iTunes?
More cute/adorable apps to download? 

I'll be updating this page every once in a while. 
If I find cute/kawaii apps, I'll definitely post them here! 
Make sure you check back! Or subscribe via Google by clicking here:  

--- Updated May 19th #1st iVlog: myDog Note app!

If you have any questions, comments, or requests-- definitely let me know! 


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