Heard of Google+?


Recently, Google+ has been the talk of town lately. It's the new "trend"; the new "Facebook." It now has over 10 million users--- believe it or not, based on invitations and words-of-mouth alone!
I like it. The interface is rather simple and clean. I also heard that Google is trying to monopolize the entire Internet... I don't know about that. Anyways, Google+ is almost like Facebook & Twitter interface-- it's very similar.
Here's a good way to put it:

"Google+ is like Facebook having sex with Twitter before they knew they were related." - Dane Cook

This is what it looks like INSIDE:

A couple of things I need to break down. I don't like how it doesn't have a wall. Technically, it's just like Twitter. You post via status and speak your heart out. Make it into DM (Direct Message) or a Tweet. If you want to post something up on G+, you can choose who can see and can't see the album/status/etc. You can put people on a lists of "circle." Not bad... 

Here's the cheat sheet for Google+
These are very important to your basic functions of Google+

Need an invite for free? 
Email me by clicking here: link (no spam)
Add me to your circles: http://gplus.to/gfnu

So far, this is a good depiction of Google+
Literally lonely. 

Now, you can get an iPhone app! iTunes store approved G+!
*Not yet for iPod Touch (I heard)

One downside for this app. I find it very very slow to load the Stream, compared to loading G+ page on Safari. It needs a couple of kinks. But again, what more can I say... it's working! Oh, if you search on iTunes App for Google+ on your iPhone, for some bizarre reason, you can't find it! So here's the  direct link to Google+ on iTunes store! LINK

You want to look COOL and have a SHORT URL for yourself?
You get your OWN URL short and tiny: http://gplus.to/gfnu 
instead of this long ugly link: https://plus.google.com/113426622658695287669
(gfnu shortened of my full name) so you can make it into whatever you want.
 Want to know more about Google+ on Facebook? link
-- There's also a hangout "circle" @Google+ : http://gphangouts.com/
It's basically a hangout-- with people you don't know. Get a chance to meet up and know them based on the same interests. It's pretty cool! :) 

That's all folks! 


*~kAy~* said...

Thanks for all that info.
I got a couple of requests from my friends for that but haven't looked into it yet :P
I heard that only a certain amount of people get accepted first because it is still in beta testing? O_o
Not sure though..

konayukiss said...

Yeah it's still in beta :p but you can get invited now...
Theyll go public probably sometimes soon *yay*
Hopefully by then they'll already work out some cool kinks!

Pop Champagne said...

I've heard about Google + but dont' have an account, in my opinion facebook is kind of going out, perhaps Google+ will be the new thing in a few years

konayukiss said...

Yeah, FB is kind of fading. Let's see if Google will; they already tried Orkut-- wasn't a success (imo comparing facebook).

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