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Pose Fashion App - Review

I recently stumbled upon this app, kind of late, but better than never. I certainly love it, and enjoying this app ever since. It's the new trend-- on iPhone for fashionistas. I'm guessing that it's rather a new concept (on iPhone), and recently published on iTunes store. It's an app where you pose your love for fashion to other fashionistas around the world! You can link this app to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. for easy upload! It's amazing! Similar to Twitter/Tumblr, but for Fashion. You can also follow brand names fashion label like Levi's, JewelMint, Aerie, etc.

I think you guys will like it! No, you guys will love it!  

This is where you can see other fashionistas published photos.
You can click the top-right icon with three lines so you can see them individually, and like them at the same time!

I recently joined Pose yesterday!  Hehe.
Did I mention that you get your OWN page too?
It's amazing, right? f'nomg.
I'm a newbie there atm; be a friend and add me if you have one too!

Maybe later, when you try out Pose, you can find me- drop by and say HELLO!
To the new try-ers, I'll be your first friend there! You can find me &' your friends through the icon on the bottom-right where it says Vanni on mine, and click Find Friends, then type in Konayukiss.

You can download this app via iTunes here: LINK
Android app: coming soon.


Free Gift from Pandora Jewelry


Just a couple of weeks ago, I received a mysterious jewelry package from Pandora in the mail. Unexpectedly... I don't remember having anything to do with Pandora, much less with buying a jewelry. I was so caught up with skin care products that I forgot about pampering myself with jewelry! /neglect/

Anyways, when I received a package in the mail from Pandora, I was stupefied. Did someone use my credit card and swipe it to buy a jewelry? I know Pandora is somewhat in the higher-end jewelry brand, along with Tifanny & Co, which is why I drew a blank. Credit card fraud is not rare. When I opened the package, it came with a little postcard saying, "Thank you for your participation in our survey." Ah-ha! It's a $95 worth jewelry just popped in my mailbox, and it's free! Oh Jeeebus. Remember that tweet I tweeted a couple of months back? Yea, it's here now.

Have you guys heard of Pandora Jewelry? No, not the radio that plays the music you like, or the hat. /lol/
It's a jewelry brand from Denmark. It sells customizable charm bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces in more than 50 countries (source). Ironically, I haven't seen many stores in California. /surprisingly/ The only store I saw was in San Francisco, in Union Square Westfield Mall. I was so surprised to see it! I know people used to order Pandora jewelry from an authorized third-party seller, since they lack physical stores in California, but wow a real, physical store!

Want to see what I got in the mail?

Here's a close up to the gem. The gemstone (Murano Glass) has silver engraved writings that say Pandora, and on the other side: 925 ALE. Why? Here's how to make sure your Pandora bracelet/gems are authentic.

The Pandora Hallmark

     The first way to know whether an item is an authentic Pandora is in accordance with the Pandora company’s guidelines when it comes to looking for the Pandora hallmark on the Bead or Bracelet.
Most Pandora jewellery items are now marked with the letters ‘ALE’ together with 925 on silver items and the numbers 585 on gold items. ‘ALE’ are the initials of Per Enevoldsen’s father who was called Algot Enevoldsen. Per Enevoldsen is the founder of Pandora so the lettering now displayed on Pandora jewellery is the original jeweller’s hallmark. 925 is the jewellery symbol representing silver and 585 is the jewellery symbol representing 14ct gold.
     Many Pandora items, including Pandora bracelets also now include the Pandora crown symbol (Note: Old bracelets purchased before 2008 won’t have the Crown symbol as Pandora only started using the Crown symbol in 2008) If you can see this hallmark on your Pandora Jewellery, that is an indication that item should be Authentic Pandora Jewellery. However, it is unfortunately possible for other copy-cat companies to add that engraving to copy-cat products, so in addition to the hallmark you would also need to look at the next two steps to determine the authenticity of the item. Continue reading from the source if interested.

Yep. Authentic and beautiful!

Leather bracelet, Murano glass, Coral

Material: Murano Glass
Metal: Silver Oxidized
Color: Red
No. 590709
Bracelet Spotlight Murano Glass Coral Blossoms
95.00 USD

Here's a look at the jewelry with my hand.. I find it to be simple, and yet elegant. The gem itself is covered with flower shades. Very chic. It's 925 silver (the corners), and the bracelet is made out of leather. Very strong. Not bad, I'd say it's one of the better freebies I've received. Couldn't say much less.   

Here's the store in San Francisco, Union Square at Westfield Mall. I happened to stop by to get a closer look at Pandora Jewelry store. I'm guessing it's one of the few stores in California. The store is very white (bright)! I likee.

I can't really go in there to take a picture. I'm not a licensed photographer. Window shopping with my camera is what I do best.

Here's a little cheat picture I took when I went into their store. I took a quick snap with my iPhone. I really like their earrings. Very elegant. I'm not much of a gold person. If it has to be gold, it must be white gold. But this- it makes me happy just to see it. 

Go check out their main website: Pandora Jewelry
You can also customize your jewelry. Cute.
It's a contemporary jewelry line. If you like something contemporary, and beautiful, Pandora might just be your type!

Read their Pandora magazine: Link (Flash)

Here's my Pandora jewelry choices:

Interested in the Limited Edition $15K Contact Lenses?


     Remember back in the old days when contact lenses are transparent? Back when beauty and style are presented through your skin, hair, or fashion wear? I suppose this ongoing trend of "fashion" is striving to get the best look to beautify the human race. Then again, what is considered "extreme"? It used to be that when you buy cat eye contact lenses, you'd be one of the extremes. Nowadays, if you change to different color contact lenses, you'd be beautiful. Say, an Asian girl with a honey-glazed color, or bbyblue/pink color contact lenses might actually look splendid and beautiful. Remember when the sayings used to be "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," now you can say "beauty is in the eye of the holder."

Interested in a gold-plated, and diamonds-fuzed contact lenses? :)

What the #DEALS? (Top 10 Great Sites!)

     I don't know about you, but I LOVE deals! It's my way of trying new things -- food, hotels, and spa. Why pay something upfront with full price? Especially if you don't know if you'll like it. A couple of months ago, I score myself half-a-dozen cupcakes for $8-- that's 50% off regular pricing! I love red velvet cupcakes, so I went and pampered myself with 6 of them babies. Yeah, eating them all by myself #likeaboss! If that's not a good deal, then what do you say about $2 for a movie ticket from Fandango?! Isn't that a deal! Yeah, it's awesome to be in the knowing. Not to mention, they're exclusive-- you only get invitations via email for deals like these. It's breathtaking.

      Because of these awesome deals, I get to try skydiving (iFly), scored some world class sushi that costs $$$$ (Yelp's method of saying: It's DARN expensive), felt like a boss in different spa resorts, and so on. Who would've thought a 21-year old chick like me can experience all these "rich people" stuff without paying "rich people prices"? Some resorts can cost up to $400+ per night, including spa, massages, and full breakfast in bed treatment. For me, I get them half the price. Yep... #likeaboss.

I'd say bring on the deals!
I've round up a couple of deal sites like Groupon and Livingsocial for this post. These deal sites are pretty decent, and well loved in many ways along with these great dealers. The only down side is that they're not "popularized" enough compared to Groupon and Livingsocial. I use these sites to get my deals on! Of course subscriptions are inevitable, because that's one of the only way you'd remember to check on their deals (or to receive great deal reminders).

Some of these deal sites also give away free bucks- money, as credits toward your first, second, or third purchases. It's so awesome! You can get a free pair of sandal that costs $10, original $30, with a free $10 credit! Voila! All you have to do is register with them as a new member!

I'll post the first Top 3 deal sites as a teaser. 
(Not in order of favoritism...)
If you want more, go ahead and "Click to see more..." to read for full list.

When you click on the link above, you can get an instant $5 off credit toward any purchases.
Otherwise, if you don't want that $5 credit, you can go on their direct site and sign up without free bucks:
*You have to click on the link above to get the credit; otherwise, you won't receive any toward your account.

General: Food, Travel, Spa, Activities, etc.

When you click on the link above, you can get an instant $10 off credit toward any purchases.
Otherwise, if you don't want that $10 credit, you can go on their direct site and sign up without free bucks:
*You have to click on the link above to get the credit; otherwise, you won't receive any toward your account.

Family-oriented deals.

When you click on the link above, you can get an instant $10 off credit toward any purchases.
Otherwise, if you don't want that $10 credit, you can go on their direct site and sign up without free bucks:
*You have to click on the link above to get the credit; otherwise, you won't receive any toward your account.

General: Food, Travel, Spa & Salon, Activities, etc.

Textbooks! Why are you so expensive?
(Top 10 Links)


     So I went to my University's bookstore last week; I was hoping to get a deal because they (the bookstore) will guarantee to "match up" with the cheapest price offered by third-party sellers. When they say that, they really meant only "the official sellers" like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or etc -- not sellers like us (which happened to be the cheapest seller ever). I did, however, score a couple of $$ off. I saved $80 compared to paying $200 for my textbook (yes, singular). I still can't believe these textbook publishers continuously updating their textbooks to 6th ed., 7th ed., and so on... I understand that humans found new "knowledge," but updating it every year?! Think of the students! Ok, so if that won't do, I believe we should have the options of buying any editions we want! (Ok, just don't buy five editions older than the new one). I don't understand why so many professors have issues with students buying an edition lower than the "newest" edition of the textbook. One of my professor once said, "Nothing changed, really. Just a couple of paragraphs added here and there. Or rather, some extra exercises or questions to ponder." I can't say all textbooks are like that, but chill on the publishing, will you?

      Anyways, I was proud to have accomplished such huge savings (I've scored better savings but for the sake of this post, let's leave it at $80 off), and I'm willing to share these links with you-- into one short blog post. I've used these money-saving sites to compare different prices for both International edition and/or the original from 200+ online bookstore. Note: International editions are similar to original in ways that the original ones are ripping us off our $$. I find no difference in the two editions-- just one cheaper, and the other not so cheap. If you're skeptical about it, then stay with the original.

Please use these sites responsibly. I don't want this awesome opportunity of finding cheaper textbooks to disappear because some lame person decides to jeopardize it for the rest of us. On a lighter note, I hope these links will save you a couple of bucks. It won't help much, but if you're willing to save money, anything can help. If you're willing to find it, then you will! Books are not meant to be sold at such a high price. Education should be free-- or at least, nearly free.

Ever since UC tuition fees hiked, I've been dreading these textbooks prices. TG I'm graduating soon. Although some of you are still in college, don't give up!

I'll give you guys a little peek at what I included in my Top 10 links.
The best part is that you may be able to save up to 97% off retail prices for your textbooks. It doesn't hurt to do a little hunting before you go ahead and buy it from your bookstore at retail prices. Haven't you heard? Buying at retail prices is a sinful thing!

Note: Some sites might not have your textbooks in their inventories. Don't give up, keep searching. I've provided 10 sites, and there's bound to be one that has it, right? If these sites don't save you money, don't cry. Try alternative ways of saving money... I'll give a little tip at the end of this blog!

"We search over 200 online bookstores to find millions of books and prices. We find the best deals on any new & used books and textbooks. Save money by comparing prices before you buy."
If you follow the above link, you and I can get $5 off your next textbook purchase. Otherwise, click here.

Coupon: $5 Off $50+ -- Use Code SAVE
This blog is also helpful to save money for your textbooks: here.

 " BIGWORDS compares the best textbook stores at once finding the sweetest, cheapest textbooks on the planet. Multi-Item Price Optimization™ saves about $225 on average multi-item textbook orders, including coupons, promotions, and shipping*. 35-45% cheaper textbooks than other online stores, 50% cheaper than bookstores.


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