Textbooks! Why are you so expensive?
(Top 10 Links)


     So I went to my University's bookstore last week; I was hoping to get a deal because they (the bookstore) will guarantee to "match up" with the cheapest price offered by third-party sellers. When they say that, they really meant only "the official sellers" like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or etc -- not sellers like us (which happened to be the cheapest seller ever). I did, however, score a couple of $$ off. I saved $80 compared to paying $200 for my textbook (yes, singular). I still can't believe these textbook publishers continuously updating their textbooks to 6th ed., 7th ed., and so on... I understand that humans found new "knowledge," but updating it every year?! Think of the students! Ok, so if that won't do, I believe we should have the options of buying any editions we want! (Ok, just don't buy five editions older than the new one). I don't understand why so many professors have issues with students buying an edition lower than the "newest" edition of the textbook. One of my professor once said, "Nothing changed, really. Just a couple of paragraphs added here and there. Or rather, some extra exercises or questions to ponder." I can't say all textbooks are like that, but chill on the publishing, will you?

      Anyways, I was proud to have accomplished such huge savings (I've scored better savings but for the sake of this post, let's leave it at $80 off), and I'm willing to share these links with you-- into one short blog post. I've used these money-saving sites to compare different prices for both International edition and/or the original from 200+ online bookstore. Note: International editions are similar to original in ways that the original ones are ripping us off our $$. I find no difference in the two editions-- just one cheaper, and the other not so cheap. If you're skeptical about it, then stay with the original.

Please use these sites responsibly. I don't want this awesome opportunity of finding cheaper textbooks to disappear because some lame person decides to jeopardize it for the rest of us. On a lighter note, I hope these links will save you a couple of bucks. It won't help much, but if you're willing to save money, anything can help. If you're willing to find it, then you will! Books are not meant to be sold at such a high price. Education should be free-- or at least, nearly free.

Ever since UC tuition fees hiked, I've been dreading these textbooks prices. TG I'm graduating soon. Although some of you are still in college, don't give up!

I'll give you guys a little peek at what I included in my Top 10 links.
The best part is that you may be able to save up to 97% off retail prices for your textbooks. It doesn't hurt to do a little hunting before you go ahead and buy it from your bookstore at retail prices. Haven't you heard? Buying at retail prices is a sinful thing!

Note: Some sites might not have your textbooks in their inventories. Don't give up, keep searching. I've provided 10 sites, and there's bound to be one that has it, right? If these sites don't save you money, don't cry. Try alternative ways of saving money... I'll give a little tip at the end of this blog!

1) dealoz.com
"We search over 200 online bookstores to find millions of books and prices. We find the best deals on any new & used books and textbooks. Save money by comparing prices before you buy."
If you follow the above link, you and I can get $5 off your next textbook purchase. Otherwise, click here.

2) campusbooks.com
Coupon: $5 Off $50+ -- Use Code SAVE
This blog is also helpful to save money for your textbooks: here.

3) bigwords.com
 " BIGWORDS compares the best textbook stores at once finding the sweetest, cheapest textbooks on the planet. Multi-Item Price Optimization™ saves about $225 on average multi-item textbook orders, including coupons, promotions, and shipping*. 35-45% cheaper textbooks than other online stores, 50% cheaper than bookstores.

So you've peeked at these sites and find them to be just a searching engine. They do overlap with each other; however, some search engines might include one or two sites that are not included in another. Do you get what I mean? That's why there are so many of them. Choose your pricing wisely. Don't fall into temptation in buying the first known cheap price. Keep searching until you find the cheapest of the cheapest. Ok, that just sounds desperate lol. But I'm keeping it real :) Make sure you read the descriptions! Don't miss out on important information about your textbook that you might regret!!

4) valorebooks.com

9) half.com
*and of course amazon.com

Some of you guys might want to consider renting your textbooks. That is to say if you really really can't find the cheapest deal, and your textbook is just way out of your league, definitely find rental option a good way to save some money. There are some good sites out there. Don't just stick with the ones I post in here. Note: These sites require deposits-- they have to make sure you don't destroy their textbooks or lose it. If you really are considering rentals, check your university's bookstore to see if they offer this method first. Reason? It is safer for you to rent your textbooks from your local university's bookstore vs. online sites-- you can save the hassle of returning the books via mail (to prevent damage or lost in the mail or late returns- rack up more fees). Also, I believe, you don't have to pay for the deposit-- at least, not for my university's bookstore. Not only that, you can save on shipping!

Here are some of the trusted and commonly used sites by college students:

Another way to save money -- If you can't find the cheapest textbooks online via sites I've mentioned above, and you don't want to do rentals, then your last bet is to search via the plain ol' classic search engine-- the "google" or "bing" or whatever. Find the ISBN#, Title, Author, and Edition# and search by adding keywords: "cheap textbook," "used," or "cheap" in front or after.

Please try to buy your books ahead of time.

Best of luck to you all!
I hope you find one site that will save you some money!

- konayukiss


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