Interested in the Limited Edition $15K Contact Lenses?


     Remember back in the old days when contact lenses are transparent? Back when beauty and style are presented through your skin, hair, or fashion wear? I suppose this ongoing trend of "fashion" is striving to get the best look to beautify the human race. Then again, what is considered "extreme"? It used to be that when you buy cat eye contact lenses, you'd be one of the extremes. Nowadays, if you change to different color contact lenses, you'd be beautiful. Say, an Asian girl with a honey-glazed color, or bbyblue/pink color contact lenses might actually look splendid and beautiful. Remember when the sayings used to be "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," now you can say "beauty is in the eye of the holder."

Interested in a gold-plated, and diamonds-fuzed contact lenses? :)

What do you say, hm? After watching that video, doesn't make you go WTF? IMO, it makes you look bleh... not so beautiful. But then again, I don't mind having the eye contact lenses as an eye candy; not so much for wear. Did you see the people modeling for these contacts? They probably looked a lot better without. Also, the guys wearing the contact lenses looked like a serial killer with the lenses-- just saying.

This contact lenses were created by an Indian optometrist Chandrashekhar Chawan of Shekhar Eye Research Center in Mumbai. The contact lenses are designed to hold water in front of the eye so that they can be worn comfortably and can be made to correct any visual impairment. The contact lenses come with five grams of gold and costing INR700,000 (US$15,444). And it comes with four different designs: white gold, 18 diamonds on white gold, yellow gold, and 18 diamonds on yellow gold. Source: here. Crazy right?

I saw this bizarre news on MSNBC, then on Yahoo!, and so on. It's like the "breaking news" in fashion. Though, it's not so much of a fashion... I dont think. Next time you'll hear on the news is of a murderer trying to swank your eyes out to get these gold and diamonds from your eyes. Yikes! I'm kidding.

It looks pretty doesn't it? Not for wear though, imo.
They look like little capsules made from sea shells.

Well, in my humble most opinion, I don't think I'd ever buy these. Not only because I'm going to have a heart attack, I might as well kill myself for buying such an expensive contact lenses. They're worth the look, but not so much for wear. Or, if you're rich enough, you can have these as one of your luxurious jewelry.  

If you'd seen the video, what do you guys think?


Monique said...

I agree with you! This contact is scary!

I'm Yuen Ling said...

I absolutely agreed with you! Imagine that the " murderer trying to swank your eyes to get out these golds" possible happen on someday!

konayukiss said...

lol... i really hope not. it's so gory!

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