Sweet Internet Meme Marriage Proposal ♡

I don't know if any of you have seen the clip of "Internet Meme Marriage Proposal," but I would like to share this sweet little video to my readers. I have already shared this on my Facebook, and it grabbed a lot of attention (shares & likes). I really truly believe that this is probably one of the best Internet Meme usage ever done in history! It captured my heart, and I think it will do the same for you too. Oh, and the song is so perfect! 

I bawled after watching this -- so girls and guys, if you're sensitive, grab a tissue and enjoy! 

Checkout their blogs! It's so sweet! This couple is from Kuala Lumpur - northern-west side of Indonesia.  

Audrey: BLOG
Song: Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
Original post on Gizmodo - link - if you guys are interested in reading more.

Here's a little summary quote from Gizmodo:

This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with Internet Memes
Attention lonely Internet lurkers, there are girls out there who totally "get" our internet humor and still love us! Like Audrey, the lovely girl in this video who was proposed to by her boyfriend Tim with internet memes. Watch the video, it's so gosh darn cute.

It's a little Love Actually sprinkled with perfect beats and pauses of classic Internet memes (complete with the requisite cat). Tim got his friends to document the whole proposal as he flipped placards to show Audrey his true intentions. Don't worry, she said yes but he even came prepared with a "if she says no" poster.

Best wishes to the two of them and we hope they have a long and fulfilling marriage. I hope she reciprocates this stunt with something similar to tell him she's pregnant. Read the full account over at Audrey's blog. [FourFeetNine via Neatorama]

Credits to gizmodo.com


Cynthia said...


btd. said...

This is just so beautiful! In a funny way, lol. I definitely teared up!

konayukiss said...

I totally agree! haha :D

pharmacy said...

awww it was so cute what a great history!

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