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Hi ladies & gents ! 

So, I was on the other day and realized that you can get free $5.00 to Amazon! You can redeem the money to Amazon when you get invited by a friend! Why not? Free money! :)

Clover is a fairly new company like Instead, they make your lives a lot easier by allowing transfers of money via mobile (smartphones). You only have to create an account with them, once you're verified through your phone (iPhone/Android), you're set to go! You do not need to have your bank linked to the app. You don't have to be a frequent member of this app. Then, wait for your $5.00 in your email box, and redeem it! It's safe, and this company is verifiable.
Check out their privacy terms and conditions here: link.

Here's what you will see:

Then, they will email you the code!

Once you've signed up, get your code, log in to your account, and Voila!

:) You can apply this credit to any purchases made through!


You can get Clover through:

PS: Note that this promotional offer is only good until they've reached the limit. So first come first serve! Make sure you allow yourself 1-2 weeks until they email you the code!

Code: link


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