Alright! First, you must promise me that your life will go on after you find out that your so-called 'friend(s)' de-friend you on Facebook. No need to create fighting spree over it. 

However, wouldn't you want to find out who it is? Nevertheless, it is a big issue. In fact, I have something better! I have something that will tell you who defriended you and who deactivated their Facebook! ... best yet, it's free! Don't fall for scams. 

I made a promise on my Twitter that I would share this neat trick last week, but stress has gotten the best of me! I'm sorry fellow readers! Now, let's get on to the cool stuff. Follow my instructions, and you'll be on your way to finding out the real Facebook culprits!

Please know that I am not responsible for any events that led the scripts you installed to not work. 

Requirements! Requirements! Requirements! Requirements! Requirements! 
Must Read!
MAC OS & Windows with Chrome Browser will work like magic (easier)!
Get your Google Chrome Browser here: link

It works on other browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera), but you have to do extra steps to install. Therefore, I highly recommend that you download and install the Chrome browser instead.

Follow this instruction:

  1. Download Google Chrome Browser if you haven't already done so: link
  2. Go download the script from this direct link: here. (read below)
    • I highly recommend clicking on the link via Chrome browser. If you must keep your native browser, click this link for detail directions: link (Good for: Opera, Firefox, Safari, IE, Rockmelt, Flock, Fluid)
    • What is a script?  A user script is programming that modifies the appearance or behavior of an application. A user script for a Web site, for example, can customize the way that content will display in the host browser. Source 
    • In plain English, it basically acts as an add-on to your boring Facebook.
  3. Once you click the download link, you will have something like this:
  4. Follow the instruction you see on the image:
  5. (Optional) If you want to make sure that the script was successfully installed, follow this instruction:
  6. ENJOY!
  7. Disclaimer: This script is not retroactive. Which means, it will not find friends who defriended you prior to installing this script on your browser. You will, however, find out who defriended you the next time around. It's a win-win situation. Fair warning.
You will see something like this on your Facebook:

Special thanks to Unfriend Finder script: link

Alright, that's all folks! 
The knowledge is yours!
Let me know if you need any help!


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