I know that many of you girls love trying out beauty products. I mean, I do. Who doesn't? Well, get the scoop! There are many beauty products out there, and so little cash to try them all. What if there is a solution to that? What if you can try them all (well, selections of them per month) for less of what you could've paid for all? Isn't that nice? I know there are posts about Birchbox, and how wonderful they have been to so many beauty bloggers out there. I, personally, haven't tried any of these. However, I knew a couple of well-known bloggers who do. My job here is to compile a list for you, and hope that you can try them (as you wish) and let me know whether they are worth it. Just kidding.

Some of them may range from $10/month - $30/month (cheapest method) or yearly method (if you're beauty enthusiasts!) You get them in the mail every month. Selection of samples vary monthly, depending on new products from different brands. Some of the brands contributing to these types of programs are: Stila, Smashbox, Nars, and more. Brands differ based on location. Sometimes, these beauty box products don't just come in sample sizes (travel sizes), but in full sizes! So what will come in your box? Well, they can range from Skincare/Makeup/Hair/Body/Fragrance/Toolsets combination. Pretty neat, right? Anyways, here goes the beauty sample list! 

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Disclaimer: I am not paid to do this.

I compiled them based on location. Inform me if you want to know if your location has this type of program available for shipment! 

In US: 

Disclaimer: Four to five hand-picked deluxe samples delivered to your door for $10 per month.
Videos: http://www.youtube.com/birchboxtv


Disclaimer: You will be charged $29.95 (plus $8.95 for shipping and handling) as each new TestTube™ is sent to you.

Disclaimer: Free shipping on all kit orders.
Brands: link.


Disclaimer: This program is fairly new. So, you guys need to be on a look out by signing up for their news. Official launch hasn't started. They will let you know. Select up to 6 deluxe samples of makeup, skin, hair and fragrance products each month in a beautiful kit for just $12/month.
In Canada:

Brands contributing can be viewed here: link.
Disclaimer: Luxe Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers 4-5 deluxe-sized beauty samples to your doorstep in a chic box. The samples range from skincare and makeup to fragrance, body, and haircare. What’s more? These samples have been hand-picked by our beauty experts, so we are confident you will enjoy them!


Brands contributing can be viewed here: link.
Disclaimer: Monthly Glymm Box lovingly packed with 4-5 luxury beauty samples


Brands: link.
Disclaimer: Subscribe to GLOSSYBOX now and receive 5 high-end luxury samples from exclusive brands
Pricing: £10.00
Now accepting GlossyBox for Men! 


Disclaimer: Subscriptions are priced at £10.00 + £2.95 P&P per month and can be cancelled anytime.


Disclaimer: 5 deluxe beauty samples every month
Brands: link. (on the banner)
Pricing: £9.95


Disclaimer: link.
Brands: link.


I hope this list helps. This list will expose you to the many programs out there available for different locations. Again, inform me if you want to know if your location has this type of program available for shipment! I don't have a whole list, but I can help you find out. Otherwise, let me know what you think of this list! Am I missing any? Well, cheers!


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mishna said...

hi... is there australia? ^^
i love this list!


konayukiss said...

I'll add in Australia as soon as I can get more on the list! :)

Elisa ♥ said...

awesome.. they recently have glossybox in my country :)

konayukiss said...

great!! :D

Catherine Grace Life Photography said...

Awesome...Thanks for putting together this list!

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konayukiss said...

Thanks guys! :) Glad you enjoyed it.

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