I ordered my makeup/skincare products from ELF and MISSHA on December 2nd. Surprisingly, Missha order arrived just 2 days ago. I understand if there has been a delay on "shipping" or "order processing" since it IS a holiday month. But what I don't understand is what takes them ONE FULL WEEK and a HALF to "PROCESS" my order. NO it's not even SHIPPED YET. WHAT DATE IS IT? DECEMBER 11TH! I've been contacting the customer service in regards to my order and NONE have replied. LITERALLY. ON TOP OF THAT, I've been RECEIVING their CRAP SALE EMAIL SPAMS DAILY, and WHERE THE F*K is my reply?!

This is what I got FROM THE CEO?!?! 
WOW... I got an EMAIL from the CEO of ELF telling me that the "shipping" orders are delayed.
Not like I didnt notice that in WAYYY beginning when I realized my order has been "STUCK" since December 7th! My Missha Order already came. Missha changed "status" on December 3rd, telling me that it will be sent on December 5th. WTF? And when I looked at my ELF order, it is still on FREAKIN "ORDER PROCESSING" status.

THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO GET & KEEP A CUSTOMER. AND IT'S CERTAINLY NOT THE WAY TO MAKE A CUSTOMER HAPPY. E.L.F is LUCKY that their products are cheap. Not to mention, this is MY FIRST EVER "REAL" order from them. WOW. Thanks. I'm leaving to another state tomorrow... and WHERE THE F*K are my orders? Still "PROCESSING" THANK YOU ELF. YOU ARE NOT SO GREAT AFTER ALL.

I hope on my next order--- If I do go back, Elf can do a much better service. I don't know if it happens to you, but it bugs me to have to keep waiting for an order that SHOULD HAVE BEEN here 3-4 days ago.


Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

I'm a fan of Missha too ^^ Missha bb cream is the best~

konayukiss said...

yeah! :D i will actually buy it now hehe :]

Yeun Shin said...

Yeah! I got the same issue with elf too!!~ not happy!~

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