An Announcement... er... From Santa & Me!!

Merry Christmas!!

HOHOHOHO. I'm so Jolly!

Im currently in Los Angeles, my hometown. But my parents decided to have the Internet cut off this year... O_O what a disappointment. I used to be able to steal Internet from the neighbor or whatnot, but this time theyre smarter... Awwwwh. Fudgecakers.

Im down to AT&T 3G data on my iPhone. It's completely slow here :( such a bad Christmas experience without internet. I guess the point here is to enjoy Christmas as is; without any distractions and just solely appreciating the nature and the wonders of this magical holiday in which Jesus Christ, the Son of God is born. Ta-Dah!

This Christmas sale, I went all out on shopping, traveling, and hanging out with my HS/College friends who live in LA. I love this feeling. I miss my HS friends muchos.

I guess, I'm on "Hiatus #2"

PS: thank you for wanting to participate in my 1st ever giveaway!
So far I don't have bites on the lipgloss & eyeshadow, so if anyone wants it... You're likely to be the "automatic" winner. Tell your friends about it, they might want it :) be nice and share the giveaway :) if this is successful, I'll do this again in the near future :)



Rin~ちゃん ♥ 김혜린 said...

merry X'mas too^^

konayukiss said...

You too!! Merry Christmas! ^.^

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