Hiatus Moment!

From December 11th - 15th, I will be on hiatus.
I'm in Texas!

There's not much time for me to blog... and there's no internet T_T
I'll be posting pictures soon enough! So far so good, Texas isn't what I thought it would be. LOL.
I only saw ONE horse & ONE cowboy. They DO use "ya'll" & they don't say YEEHAW. They do however say HOWDY sometimes. ROFL. This is amazing! Time right now is 11:17pm. I am 2 hours ahead of California time-which is great. I can watch my favorite shows on TV 2 hours early than CA peeps! LOL.

All I can say is... the plane ride from Sacramento to Texas was a pain. The plane was late for 1-1/2 hour, we had to stop for another hour in LAX to change plane, and pause in El Paso for refuel... then finally arrived in Dallas.

So far these are my pictures-- that I took with my iPhone hehehe...

We camwhooore.

bye LA!

Hello Dallas!
Anyways, ciao guys! I'll be back with pictures!!!


Cindii said...

Come back soon fool!!

konayukiss said...

I will!!!

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