K O S É - 清肌晶 Mask White ❤ & Teavana

Seikisho Mask White
Rated by amazon: here
★★★★☆ 4 stars

I bought this mask-white because of the "name." I really just wanted to brighten my skin, hehe. Not that I'm dark or anything. I just want to see myself "whiter" than I am right now. I got it from Bath & Body, but you can get it straight from Amazon or Sekkisei site. Personally, I think buying it from Amazon or Bath & Body or Drugstore.com will be cheaper. Sekkisei site charge crazy shipping fee. Well, 10 reviews said that this mask works wonder, so I gave it a try. Does it meet the requirements to be a 4 star?

A peel-off, airtight black mask that effectively removes dirt and impurities to dramatically increase skin’s clarity and radiance. It also suppresses melanin production and prevents the formation of aging spots and freckles.

The MAGICAL HERBAL ingredients: 
Coix Seed Extract, Angelica Extract, Moutan Bark Extract, Japanese Coptis Extract, Artemisia Capillaris Extract
Taking about 1 inch from the tube at a time apply a thick even layer to clean skin, avoiding the hairline, eye, and lip area. Wait 20 minutes or when completely dry, peel off gently from the outside in.

This is what I look like when I put it on:
LOLOL I look like a NINJA! X)

It's a black mask. The irony...
Anyways, the direction said to wait at least 20 minutes, it's dry after 10 minutes, so what now?! lol
So I waited, and I peeled it off.


It looks nasty. But hey, these are all your dirt from your face after you go out and about to do your things outside- in the dirty dirty world.  I'd give it a 4½ star. It does clean out your "dirt" & leave your face smooth like a baby's butt. My skin feels a little bit brighter- since kose peeled the dead skin cells that makes your face darker than it should be. No, it doesn't get a 5-star because it's VERY VERY VERY hard to take off that black mask. You'd battle with yourself trying to take it off. Peeling sucks, it hurts so bad. According to the box, you can also wash it with warm water... but it took the fun out of putting on a mask. So yeah, if you can't take it the pain... rinse with warm water.

One of the way that I take care of BODY is to drink TEAVANA
It's one of the healthiest drink of all! Tea! Yeah!
I drink tea every single chance I got... hoping that I can lose weight, slimmer, clear skin issues, and all other cr*p inside our body. My mom used to tell me that people need to detox... not botox, but detox. We kept on eating bad stuff like fried food, sweets, oily food... they can make our body go nuts! @_@
 So she taught me to drink tea! It helps... I didnt like tea much because of the bitter taste, but ever since I found green tea... I fell in love. Anyways, Teavana makes TEA tastes GOOD. Give it a try!
Find a store near you or buy online here.
For today, I got the Blueberry Bliss

Look what it will do for your body if you drink this!
Teavana sells teapots too! They're so pretty.
Hehe, these are cute...
I bought this tea set for my mommy! She likes these stuffs.


Shella said...

I've tried the teavana, but I didnt like it much ]:

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