Today.. is precious!

Happy Thanksgiving 
Don't forget to give thanks to those around you!
Just wanted to blog today to dedicate my posts to all of my fam&peeps that have been there for me since forever. I couldn't thank you guys enough for all of the time you've spent with me- chatting, hearing my rants, giving me support, and all that. There's nothing that can replace you guys in my life :)

I'm thankful for my parents; loving and ever so faithful to me. You guys have been supporting me in all I do, and I can't say thank you enough. You guys have been providing everything I've ever needed through thick and thin. Thank you. I thank God for you guys. I love you guys!! (Even if you guys can't see this)

I'm thankful for my boyfriend; my fluffy boyfriend. You've been with me since forever now- at least ever since I can remember, you've been there with me through thick and thin. You've stayed with me when I needed you the most. You've tried your hardest to fulfill everything I need- and you've succeeded. You've become everything to me. I can't imagine living without you. Thank God that He had faithfully sent an angel for me to help & guide me in times of need. And one of them is you. I love you!

I'm thankful for ALL of my friends. My high school mates and college friends for life. I can't list all the names, but I can thank you guys for always being there. You guys are special in my life. Without you guys, my life would be dull and weird. You guys are the reason why I am happy and cheerful everyday. I thank God that I don't have lame ass friends! You guys are the best! (Even though most of you don't know about this blog, and may not even see this post... but whatevs. I'll tell you guys in person- hopefully)

I know I'm sooooo shopppping for blackfriday this weekend!


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