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As you all know, I just went BF shopppppping! Instead of electronic shopping, I went to CLOTHING SPREE!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ The 5-7 hours spent @ Vacaville Premium Outlet was WORTH IT! ❤
My Juicy Spree is below this blog post. So it's not so buried yet! After the shopping, I was SO BORED- so I decided to dye my hair light brown :D (so disappointing though. I have a dark hair, so it won't be as visible- but whatevs. I'll bleach my hair soon!) And then, I started decorating my nails.. hehe. Im just finding ways to procrastinate on my sleeping hour.

All of these happened in the course of two days. I just totally forget to blog sometimes.

After that! Just like I said, I went to dye my hair (no photos) and decorate my finger nails HAHAHA.
Here's what I did... I know I dont have a full direction, but it should be self-explanatory on how to do it.

WOOOO HOOO! ^_^ took 2 hours... about. Cause I have to wait for it til its dry ;( that's the sucky part! I wonder if anyone has ever invented a HOME dry nail polish machine... -_-? Now, wherever I walk, people are like whoa so pink! LOL

On that same day, after I woke up at arond 230p--- I slept at around 630am after the BF shopping event! lol. After that, we, Cindy and I, watched the Date Night Movie! It was SOOOOOOOOOO PHANNEY! Definite watch. I rate it a B! It could be better, but yeah... it's a B :)

 HAHAHA this couple went all out to mend their somewhat "lost spark" in their relationship. I thought that was cute.

Right after that, we went to Boiling Crab. I do not recommend going NOW (this season). Crabs are just too small. The Blue crab we ordered was alright, i guess. But mehh. It could be better.
We ordered 2 lbs shrimp, fried shrimp combo with good fries, fried calamari, and 2 blue crab! :)
BTW THE CRAB WAS SOOOO SAD :( It looked like it was boiled when it was alive!

Anyways, here's the pictures:

TODAY----------------Literally today. 3rd Day.

My bf just surprised by taking me to an Indian Food restaurant. It was unexpected since he really dislike Indian food much. Technically, he prefers asian food. period. He just said, "I feel like eating curry!" And im like, uh... sure? LOL he's so phunny. :) We went to Namaste Restaurant - Lunch Buffet, ends at 4p. I thought the food was good. It wasnt the best Indian food I've eaten, but what can beat a buffet?! The price is rather cheap too. And if you're a student, OMG another discount! So Cheap + Discount = Uber cheap! LOL I think it's worth the price! The food is fresh & they keep them clean!

Oh, and Yelp gave it a 4 star! :

Here's the picture: (Sorry if it looks kind of bad, iphone quality lol)

IM SO EXCITED, I LOVE HER! I'll rate that movie afterwards! ❤ ❤ ❤

Here's the TRAILER! ^w^ 本当に可愛いだねえー!


Chris said...

yeah, i like tangled too

che said...

Super cute nails! I wish I could still do stuff like that with my nails on a regular basis.

Tangled was such an awesomely cute movie!

konayukiss said...

haha it is! <3
thank you! :))

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