I'm so seriously frustrated by my dog right now. Walked him out because it's time for him to go potty, and he always ALWAYS ALWAYYYYYS jump on people, struggle through me to get on people, bark at people, tug at leash, pull me to the side- here and there- it's like im not his master... and he is my effin master. WTF. You dont know what kind of beast I'm working with right now. He's cute but he's a freakin ignorant, ass, stubborn as dog. He's only good with giving cute faces and all that sort of stuff... but in terms of obeying you- that's the last thing he'll ever do.

Took him to Petco for puppy training and he pissed off the trainer by trying to bite her, and she told me I have to teach him not to bite... Xcuse you! Maam, he doesnt bite me at home nor outside... he listens at home- an angel. But when he goes outside, the devil goes with him to frustrates my morning, evening, and night.

Petco lady told me to give him a tug if he starts sniffing, eating at sh*t off the ground, and wander off in his own way, but what she doesnt know is that this dog is frackin stubborn as hell. He needs more than a tug to listen to her, OR EVEN ME!

She told me to hold on to his mouth- to become his master. Did that, tried that, not working. He's ridiculously hard to teach.

Walk him out again and again, applying what she says about giving him a treat and tugging and keeping my cool, and still this dog is NOT NOT NOT NEVER EVER LISTENS outside of home.

He's a monster to me, and an angel to other people. Give him 1 hour, and he'll show his true monster to ANYONE. He's cute at a glance, but after knowing him... NO one falls for him. He's a stubborn ass dog. WHAT THE HECK TO DO WITH THIS DOG?

Btw, it's a shiba inu. THE TOP, WELL-KNOWN dog to be a deuche for listening and obeying. I'm serious, they're good only for looking. He's nice when he wants to, listens when he wants to, obey when he feels like it, and act cute if he wants something. Other than that, if you ask him the most basic commands (outside) to sit and to stay or even to stop, he would STILL do it!

He listens at home by the way... all of those commands.

He gets distracted by the tiniest thing in the world. See ppl from a far, heard something and he would stop what hes doing and start being alerted and tug/pull me to see what's happening.

When he poos, you would see his butt hole jotting out, but he would TAKE IT ALL IN (after a frackin 30 minutes walk on his potty time) when he hears a person coming or a wind blowing a leaf. FRACK! I spent all 30 minutes to wait for that poo to come out, and now i have to wait another 20-30 minutes for him to find the PERFFEECCT LITTLE SPOT for him to POO.

Why am I blogging all this? Why did I choose this dog to begin with? Why? I'll tell you why. It's because this dog is the only dog that captured my heart. That made me fell in love with him the moment I saw him. Who would've thought that I chose a devil monster that cloaks as a puppy to come into my house. Argh. I'm frustrated.

Disregards my rants above if you're a PETA. This is just a rant that I have to deal with and not a DOG ABUSE. Yes, I do everything by what that trainer told me, and no it's not working. If you ever want to get Petco as your puppy trainer- think twice. See who's your trainer, if that trainer doesn't do a good job at teaching other dogs (like mine), don't bother. She doesn't even know how to handle a stubborn ass dog like mine, and gets short tempered. Please stay away. Go to one of the puppy classes first and see how the trainer reacts to training "different" types of dogs- like a shiba inu. Other than the regular dogs like golden retriever, etc.

I seriously hate my dog right now. Just right now. But tonight, I will fall for his cuteness again. I'm a sucker for cute dogs. But right now, he's over my patience limit.

If any one of you, random readers, bloggers, know how to fix a stubborn dog- or have encountered same dog like shiba inu, please post your comment on your effective training methods.


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