GUNN RANGE @Vacaville.

Yay! For Gun Range @ Guns and Fishing and Other stuff. Yeah, that's what the place is called. I think that it's so silly to have a title like that, but that place is wooooh. So yeah, the gun range is located on the basement floor of a gun store. It's impressive. LOL, I think that it's also for safety reason... so crazy people can't come and steal loaded guns & start on a killing spree. Anyways, it's pretty awesome.

The first time I was there, I thought that we literally owned the place. Like literally- since no one was there... But an old man just walked in and he brought a freakin SHOT GUN, yeah SHOT GUN.  Freaked me out. I'm only holding a 9mm, he could've fired that and killed me in an instant. Anyways, yeah my bf got his gun license! I'm so proud of him.

His excuse for a gun license is to guard our apartment from intruders... so watch out robbers! I have a man who will be watching you. jk. But you know, he might want to kill me one day, who knows LOL. At first I thought that Criminal Minds shows have been affecting him more than it affected me. But, he's just had been so fascinated by guns, being in the navy, etc etc. So I dont blame him. The problem is, freakin guns are expensive fools. Cheapest one costs more than $200. Heckclalakla no.

Anyways, here's the picture updates! :)

Walking toward the elevator.

Haha, camwhoring.

He got his license!!

Camwhoring #2

Look at em boys!

practice shooting at a distance...

my first EVARRR SHOT

Dont mess with me! I have middles!

He's fixing a gun that was jammmed

My friend was camwhoring with gun <3

It's a REAL BEAR... just cleaned out.

Yeah, we went to Chevys!

The pretty drink.


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