Only Coin - Your All-in-One Payment Card!


Have you ever get so overwhelmed by all the credit, debit, gift, etc... cards you have? 
I know I do with gift cards... You know when your birthday comes around? You get these massive amount of gift cards because your friends don't really know what you actually want, and they decided to just get you a giftcard instead? Or you started noticing you buy gas from Shell a lot and decided to OPEN a credit card at Shell? Or Amazon, Chase, Citi, Discover, Costco credit cards? Geebuz.

Anyway, I just heard of this amazing tiny card that can contain up to 8 cards per 'COIN'
That's enough for most of us -- unless you swim in the pool of credit cards, or some kind of credit cards collector -- you'll live with one or two coin(s).
The price ORIGINALLY costs $100, but if you PRE-ORDER now, you'll get it for $55!
FAQ section is popular, so here you go!
Pre-order now or you're missing out!
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