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Before I continue on with my blogging, I would like to apologize for being MIA on blogspot for such such such a long time ne~ gomenasai! m(_ _)m

I dont know about you guys, but ever since I keep contacting my friends in Japan via Facebook, I noticed a couple of stuffs that made me UGHS! because of jealousy! What I'm talking about is their ability to put EMOTICONS/EMOJI (絵文字) on Facebook.

(^_^) (´∀`)(*゚ー゚) 笑い (laugh)
微笑み (smile)
(^○^) (*゚ー゚)
(^-^) (・∀・)
(^_-)-☆ (∈^▽゚)キラッ☆
(^-^) ( ^ω^)(*゚∀゚)アヒャヒャ
(*_*) Σ(゚Д゚;) 驚き(surprise!)
(゚o゚) キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!
(;_;) (ノд`) 泣き(cry)
(ToT) (´;ω;`)
(T_T) (ノдT)
(/_T) 。・゜・(つД`)・゜・。
(@_@) ( ゚∀。) 混乱 (confused!?)
( . .) (´・ω・`) しょんぼり、にょろーん (feeling bleh?)
(・~・) マターリ(ノ´∀`*)マターリ まったり(マターリ)(laid back/relax~)
(#゜皿゜) (#゚Д゚)ゴルァ!! ( #`Д´) m9(^Д^)プギャー!! 怒り、挑発、侮辱 (angry at someone/insulting!)
(^_^; (;´Д`) 苦笑、ハァハァ(unhappy smile~)
( ´ー`)y─┛ (,,゚Д゚)y─┛ たばこ(fuu fuu with your cigs)
m(_ _)m m(__)m 土下座 (kneeling, bows)
(´m`) ( ´,_ゝ`)プッ (゚c_、゚ )プッ ( ´_つ`)ホルース 嘲笑、侮辱、ふーん、ふん (relief)
(っ^_^)っ (つ゚⊿゚)つ 抱く(embracing someone)
* yeah definitely, copy and use them as you like.
Want to see more emoticons/emojis- symbols?

But, I'm talking about these:


オケ〜I rest my case. I'm just so pissed I cant do these emojis using my iPhone ㅠ_ㅠ
In particular, US iPhones arent capable of doing these awesome, cutesies things! Only Japan iPhones can!

Oh, dont tell me about the installation of "emoji app" onto the iphone. I tried that already. In fact, my Japanese friends also told me about it. Ironically, they do use them... which is weird. I can use them while I am typing my comments, but... ONCE I submitted the comments, ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE. Nothing appears!!!!!! It's just "そうねっ!。。。” My emojis turn into ellipses or even worse, nothing. Hm... apparently, many of these so-called "emojis" can only be used in Japan/Asian countries.

This is what she told me how it looks like from her end:

& this is how it turns out! :(

SO CUTE HUH?! WTF!!!! -____-
It has come to my attention that not many people even aware of the emoji existence on Facebook!

But yeah, so... apparently ONLY Japanese Keitai (Japanese cellphones) and Japan version of iPhones can do these neat tricks! Meh... I just want to lay out there so that for those of you who did not aware of these existence may know and be enlightened! BWAHAHAHAHA. Im kidding Im kidding.

Anyhoo, theres a bunch of people on Facebook also complained :P I'm not the only one.
HERE: LINK TO THE FORUM ON FACEBOOK talking about the same issue!
Go on~~ check it out. I know you want to discover more! Who knows Facebook can be so addictive, and so mysterious, ne~?

I'll be talking about those cute Japanese fonts you see on mangas, animes, and Japanese posters. Dont you want them? I mean, I do. Just for the heck of it. I mean for my own entertainment-- of course.

I found this website: Jay-Han
Here are some of the cute fonts I took from him/her? which I found to be very cute! TEE HEE HEE.

Where you can download this? (regular font | bold font)
Where you can download this? ( regular font )

there's more. I dont know which ones you guys like, but here are the list!
the indirect link is:

Hope you guys are entertained.


Fanny said...

hi. thx for the comment! i follow u too :D

Cindii said...

That's cute! I didn't know facebook had that ability. Not fair. D:

konayukiss said...

@Cindy: I know right?! LOL darn facebook :(

@Fanny: ^_^ thank you! love your clothes selections <3

☆ ayu☆ said...

yay! thanks for the fonts !! ill be surely DL it!:D

Anonymous said...

Hi,I really like ur blog
Just wanna ask can u change the fonts in ur iphone to cute korean fonts?? do u have any tutorials or sites i can look into? thnx:)

konayukiss said...

I'll definitely will make a blog on that :) Stay tune!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the cute fonts! You should check out (think that the right link), that site has a variety of fonts, there's a few cute ones and pixel ones.

(P.S could you remove my previous post please, I pasted the wrong comment!)

raefuun said...

Hi! I know this blog post is super old, but there is a way to get those emoji! You simply go under your settings of your iPhone and add a Japanese keyboard. When you scroll through the Japanese keyboard's options, you have an emoji button that expands to quite the selection of emotions. Considering how old this post is, I'm sure you've figured this out by now, but I thought I'd drop a line just in case you hadn't. ^3^

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