What YOU need to be UBER Pretty!

Urban Decay has these stylish stunning shadow pencils for $20 that makes your eyes pop!
Look at these color selections.
Personally, I would never buy Wasteland... even the name itself sounds funky. I wouldn't order Mossy green & Taupe because they both look so ugly on asian skin.... me thinks.

You could order them from Urban Decay: HERE.
Or you can order them from Sephora: HERE.
It's basically your preference to whom you want to order these from... *decisions decision* LAWL
 Left-Right: Barracuda, Rehab, Delinquent, Wasteland, Lit and Sin
Left-Right: Clash, Clinic, Mercury, Midnight Cowboy, Morphine and Narc
For more info: link

24-Hour Loreal Lash Boosting Power Serum

I've tried it. It sorta work, and sort of not. What do I mean by that? It makes it feel like a placebo effect is taking place when I'm using it. I mean, it says it will "extend" your eye lashes within a couple of uses. But I had to buy it a second time- to see the result. You will definitely need to buy a second "serum" for a better look. Oh, and notice the "mascara". That will definitely make your eye lashes longer- after you use the serum. So it's a combo kind of thing. Once you use the Serum in the morning, let it dry- and put on your mascara like usual. The effect will be amazing. (You can see that your eye lashes are actually longer like medium fake lashes- HAHAHA) Night time, you definitely need to use the serum. (I always forget... urgh. It feels weird to use "serum" at night... it feels wet in the eyes) Let it dry before you go to sleep. You can't see a huge change in one night (DUH! LOL) but it works... very slowly. 2nd bottle of serum- max.
Here is a picture. As you can see, the serum makes your eye lashes "thicker" and a bit "longer".

 more info: here.

Clinique Acne Solutions Post Blemish Formula

Don't you just hate those blemishes that wont go away after pimples/zits erupted out of your skins? It's disgusting & it's bothersome. Not to mention, darn the spots that makeups wont "hide" Urgh. Anyways, Clinique is like... one of the best "brands" out there, next to Neutrogena and Clean & Clear or Clearasil (Which I think do not work- IMO).  Best about this, you can use it under make up! So it heals when you hide them.

You know those scarring you have when you get acne? Yikes! I hate them. I bet you do too. I hate the fact that when after you use your daily makeup, your scar still shows under bright lighting! AAAHHH. I used to always want to hide. But when I saw the review for this product, definitely a get go!
Amazing, no? more info: here
Well, that's for today! REMEMBER TO ALWAYS ALWAYS PUT LOTION ON BEFORE YOU GO OUT ANY WHERE. The cold weather isnt making your skin any prettier than it is. In fact, it makes it even dryer than ever. Especially, for those of you who have sensitive skins... do not ever hesitate on putting lotion on your pretty little faces :) Well, have fun!


che said...

Oh I like the urban decay shadow pencils the colours are nice but I personally probably wouldn't get much use out of them.

My said...

does the anti blemsish work~??? waahh.... miraachles!

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