The Plush Labbit~ !

AH! I want!! So uber uber cute! I really want one like this! He's so fluffy. I saw this on one of my friend's facebook album and I was like... *SHRIEK* I want! I didn't know Urban Outfitters actually sell these cute stuffs. No, I dont really know. I don't shop from there @_@ Anyways, here's what I'm talking about! Tell me it's not cute! I'll cut your head off... LOL jk.


This is just wrong- plain wrong.
This is so cute!
Tell me if you get it!! I'll be so uber jealous of you!
But then, that will just make me want to get it more...
Get it! 
You can buy them from: here


Cindii said...

What, you blogged about it even before I did. I've been wanting this plush for over a year now. Still no one has gotten it for me. T_T;; I was so jealous when I saw it at Ryan's house. I wanted to steal it, but it belongs to his sister.

The 24" is huge and you can actually stick your finger in his butt hole. the 14" you can't do that.

konayukiss said...

LOL yeah I wanted the big one-- not so I can poke its butt, but to hug. It's so cute! So expensive too :(

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