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Deals of the day!

Apparently, there has been quiet a number of registrants contacting me to my personal email of their unsuccessful attempt to gain the $10 credit on NMR. I'm definitely swamped by emails. I recently contact their customer service and they are trying to figure out the reason why the credits aren't showing on individual's account. So far, the first person to register under my ref code hasn't responded. I only have ONE $10 credit gift card code (as of now). I will get back to all of you asap. If you didn't get a reply email from me stating that I have received your request, then please email me again.


If you have any questions, please reply to this post. My email is swamped. I might or might not get back to you in time. Just FYI.
It's been awhile since I post anything like this. I think it's been long overdue, too. But I want to share these nifty deals to all of you readers. If you like Hello Kitty, Domokun, and the likes of it, No More Rack is the perfect place to get cute bargain items. So a couple of months ago (expired), I got a FREE, yes free Hello Kitty iPhone case. Just pay for shipping-- but it's only $2! No More Rack is known for their awesome giveaways, and cheap sales/bargain for tons of cute items. I bet you'll like them!

So let's start with what I got for free:

It's a screenshot! But you can see the Free Deal sign.

This is my order page. Look! $2 shipping!

As you all can see, I got it on 8/13/11. It's about a month ago-ish. How come you didnt tell us earlier? I actually did- on Twitter. If you guys have been following me on Twitter, you'll probably know I tend to share crapload of deals, freebies, and of course with a touch of my "life" and "check-ins".

Here's my Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Case:

I still have the plastic wrappers :) So asian.

Pardon for the plastic wrapper.

The side. Cardboard iPhone image in front.

So if you guys like what you see, go on to No More Rack
Check the site out, and it doesn't hurt to subscribe to them. 
They have giveaways, and/or awesome deals per day. As they say it best, "1 Day, 8 Deals"

Check out their awesome customer satisfaction videos!
These people got their deals on No More Rack!

Interested now? 
Go ahead, I'll give you a head start 
with $10 credit to your account! :) 
Don't worry, no strings attached. 
It's free money!
Code Ref: 397245


Clarissa said...

Thanks for sharing! But the ref code doesn't seem to we working. Maybe I'm inputting it in the wrong spot?

konayukiss said...

If not, try clicking from this link: :) and sign up again to get your $10.

"Include the gift card code when you share, tweet and email so your friends can get $10.00 to spend on NMR."

konayukiss said...

Clarissa, I just asked their customer service and they gave me a code where you can put on "Promo Code" from gift card. Let me know your email address and I'll send it to you, [sakuraxvanni] [@] yahoo . com

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