Squaw Creek Resort - Lake Tahoe 2010 Trip

If you ever visit Lake Tahoe in the winter, I definitely suggest going to Squaw Creek Valley Resort! It doesn't have the "casino" feeling but it has everything you need to get away from everything- stress from work, school, family, bs's in life. Chill here. I know it seems like it's a lot of money. But it's really not. Get yourself an app for Living Social-- an app that gives discounts for everything. I got a huge discount for my trip to LT for this Resort- I saved $350. Believe it or not! Haha. Sounds like an ad right now. But I did. Once in a while, Living Social or Groupon would have amazing sale/discount voucher that you can buy for $xxx instead of $xxxx, and I think it's worth it. Treat yourself a little with some sweets in life. It doesnt really hurt. Save some $$ for next year (if you can't go this year) and go to this resort. Or checkout other resorts nearby- affordable ones are nice too.
Anyways, here's the link to the place I went: Squaw Creek Resort

The View of Squaw Creek Resort at night ❤

The Restroom was beautiful, hehehe.

The swimming pool was heated- and needless to say, huge.

This area is so wow.

When you go into the women's changing room, this place has everything!
From cotton swabs to deodorant, haha. I'm serious.

Sandy's Pub - cheaper, late-night restaurant they have over there.
When we got there at 9pm, not a lot of places were open for choices.

Early morning near the elevator glass window.

The scenic route to the reservation desk.
I'm serious, they have the biggest resort land in Tahoe (IMO).

I was just so speechless when I saw this.
Is there anything better than this?

We have Smoked Salmon & Tuna for breakfast! Believe it.

The fog is coming this way. Raining soon!

The creek within the resort- hence the squaw "creek" valley resort.

Getting ready for the deep tissue massage. Needed to get away from school!

The King Beach in Tahoe.
We couldn't enjoy it because of rain :( but it was worth it to just see it ❤
We saw a FOHAWK Bluejay bird- I'm serious. No photoshopping!
Bye Tahoe! 'Til we meet again next year! (or soon this year- again!)



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